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“My Domina Gaze” is a view into my Feminist Utopia; inspired by my love for erotic art, homo-erotic art, BDSM, leather, flowers, nature and my fascination with the cis- and trans-male body. 


I wish to explore sensuality, vulnerability, humour, submission, and whatever else makes me say "my eyes are happy".


A play on the “male gaze”, “My Domina Gaze” is flipping the script and objectifying men,  through the perspective of a Queer (Genderfluid, Pansexual), Sex-Positive, Body-Positive, perverted Feminist and practiced Dominatrix.

Playing with the term "Guy with camera" (aka "GWC"),  I have taken on the role of the "Domina with camera" ("DWC"), as a way of taking up space within the world of erotic art photography, and reclaiming it,

In loving memory of my dear Berlin-brother, Philipp Stein, I dedicate this project to you.


🖤 Miss Natasha Enquist

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